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I was so cool! I had to leave the office to go to two or three times a day on the toilet and push my 'rabbit' for me until orgasm. It was wonderful, but also disturbing, because I had never been like this before. I blamed the sky rocking. He never tired of reading the stories and browse the ads. After four weeks of this I knew I had to satisfy my curiosity and lust ! I put an ad. Two nights later I found myself to reach the agreed place. I nudistlog got out and got into the back of her! I knew I was crazy, but it had to do. He told me to undress, as he left the layby us. I did as I was quickly and only in bra, garter belt and stockings. He said my finger. I said I did not dare, as I would nudistlog stop immediately when I did. He told me to lie on my back in the nudistlog back seat and spread my legs. nudistlog I did, as I said. I felt the car stop. He nudistlog came out and I heard her whisper out of the car. The back door opened and I saw when II only saw a hard dick with one hand around him and wrapped his legs. The stranger took his hand and my legs and told me to come to a conclusion at the door so he could catch me. I did. I leaned back, but my legs were very open with my kitten in my eyes and my feet were almost touching the ground outside. He picked it up and got between my legs. His cock in my pussy was urging. Within seconds, his aim had been found. Since I was back in a foreign car is fucked by another unknown. It crashed into me. I loved every second. Unfortunately, after less than a few minutes the nudistlog man broke out and shot his load deep inside me. I was beside myself when I was so close to my first orgasm was. No need to let us down. Another man took his place immediately. After about five minutes after the rough and his voice is one I said I was a bitch, we both orgasm fucked. I was trembling with pleasure. He moved with a silencer. He leaned against the card thanked me for being such a good fuck and bitch dirty. He said he had enjoyed. I was still floating and barely recognized him. I felt that I took the car and the will. I met with a man and saw a blanket is to get the grass in a bank. I put in my hands and knees and immediately felt another cock in me from behind, while another was stabbed in the mouth. He willingly opened and started sucking and licking. stops after a few minutes of action. The guy sucks and fucks the guy put back. He took me to sit in the queue. Then the boy who had been sucking, came up behind me and put his dick in my pussy. I had two cocks for my, at the same time. I was blind to anything other than the intense orgasm that was building in me and I shot two cocks. The three were going on, as if our lives depended on it. I could not have enough in me. The man came to his office and large allmy ped, breasts hanging from my bra. He squeezed my nipples and told me he was running. It has for me and the man behind me! All three nudistlog exploded. It seemed that the last centuries. We separated and went to the car to my clothes. I have together, but I smiled as I was dripping cum all the good sense to me. I nudistlog had gone back to my car. Later, when I went home I received a text. He said: ' U fucking hot. Best catch ever. U r in 4 a minimum of 8 roosters next time' I can not wait !
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